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About Timothy Forbes Photography

Tim Forbes, Photographer Timothy Forbes Photography is dedicated to harvesting moments, chasing the camera's ability to pluck a framed instant from the everyday and transform it into something memorable that transcends a single instance in time.

An award-winning photographer who has been featured in several local and national publications, I bring a love of international travel, a fascination with faces, and a passion for live music to my work behind the lens. As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, I can describe the taste of kumys, a Central Asian drink made from fermented mare’s milk. I have a soft spot for nonprofits that prompts me to give absurd discounts to social do-gooders contracting my services. I find myself genetically predisposed to stumbling into local jazz clubs and hopes my camera gives a socially-acceptable excuse for doing so exceedingly often. And I am a happy contributor to Live Anacostia.

Peek at the travel, portrait and jazz galleries. Contact me, if you'd like to schedule a photo shoot or event. Purchase prints, if something moves you. And help this little digital darkroom grow by following my on Facebook or Twitter and sharing the site with others.

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Timothy Forbes
Timothy Forbes Photography

Washington, DC

P.S. If you're a nonprofit interested in my 9-to-5 gig building websites for social change organizations, check out PICnet and our Soapbox Engage online engagement platform. If you're interested in a joint arrangement for a new website and photo imagery, let's talk!

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Past Photo Exhibit Locations

2013 DCist Exposed Photography Competition Exhibit